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The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. is a not-for-profit umbrella organization, based in Sherwood Park, AB with
9 full-time employees. The Federation membership is composed of 81 natural gas utilities throughout the province of Alberta, with a unique structure consisting of different types of utlities, inculding 53 gas co-ops, municipalities (17 towns and villages, and 5 counties), and 6 First Nations. Each may operate differently but brings their own particular strengths to the Federation.

The Federation is governed by an eight member elected board of directors chosen from member utilities in eight zones across Alberta. This board sets policies and implement strategies on behalf of the membership. The membership attends Annual General Meetings to vote on matters important to the Federation as a whole.  

The Federation provides centralized services that are difficult for utlities to do on their own, such as: training, government relations, insurance, employee and director benefits and pension, odorant delivery, retail billing, and gas measurement to name a few.

  • Training is an essential component to the Federation. The training courses offered through the Federation are designed to provide learning and development opportunities to our Member Utility employees and directors.
  • Over the years the Federation has provided insurance to its members. In 2007, this became the FedGas Insurance Reciprocal Exchange Program (FIRE), which was created to maintain better control over our own insurance premiums.
  • The Federation has always provided comprehensive benefit and pension options for Member Utility employees and directors. In 2010, the pension program changed to the Alberta Communities Pension Plan, which is now available to all municipalities.
  • The Federation offers retail billing services to natural gas utilities through a subsidiary company, Rural Utilities Billing Information System (RUBIS). RUBIS has 1 full time employee based in the Federation office.
  • The Measurement Department at the Federation oversees inspections of the interconnections between supplier pipelines and the Member Utilities system. It also monitors the interconnections for emergency situations, and assists the Member Utilities field workers troubleshoot problems. The department also manages the instalation of wireless meter reading devices. The Federation is the only organization accredited by Measurement Canada for re-certification of equipment in the field. 
  • As natural gas is harmful but odorless, Mercaptan, better known as Odorant, is added to give natural gas its distinctive smell. Since the 1990's, three of our Member Utilities (Bow River Gas Co-op Ltd., East Smoky Gas Co-op Ltd., and Smoky Lake County) have been delivering Odorant to the rest of our Member Utilities. In 2011, this service became a Federation subsidiary called Alberta Odorant Services (AOS).

Most Federation Member Utilities are shareholders in Gas Alberta Inc., a private corporation with the mandate to aggregate natural gas supply for resale back to its shareholders.

The Rural Gas Progam was started in 1973 by the Province of Alberta to ensure any Albertan could have access to natural gas. Under this program, the Rural Utilities Division of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for ensuring the safe and orderly development of gas distribution systems. It manages a grant program to help install gas pipelines to new homes and businesses in rural areas.

Any person or business within a gas co-op franchise area may sign a gas contract and purchase a membership for a one time fee, usually only $1.00. This membership gives you the right to have a voice in your local co-op. If you are a member in good standing of your gas co-op, you have a right to vote at the co-ops Annual General Meeting and to run for election to the Board of Directors.

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