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Federation Mandate


To promote the viability of rural gas systems.

Mission Statement

The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. is a proactive organization providing progressive leadership, benefits and services to its members.


  • To promote and further the common interests of its members 
  • To make representation to Provincial & Federal governments and regulatory bodies on behalf of the members 
  • To develop desirable policies that is in the best interest of member utilities.
  • To keep members apprised of current legislation, regulation and technology and to provide assistance that ensures the safe and efficient operation of the gas systems.
  • To monitor the operations of the members and encourage safety in all respects of gas service.
  • To make available comprehensive general liability and all other necessary insurance coverage.
  • To make available a pension plan and employee benefits plan for member utility employees.
  • To provide other services as required or requested by the membership.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada