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Full video library of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. is available on our YouTube Channel.

Federation: A Story of Gas Co-ops

50 years ago, rural Albertans were struggling with investor-owned utilities to bring them natural gas - the very resource that was right under the farmers' feel! So, from kitchen tables and the end-gates of trucks in fields, these plucky farmers decided to form their own gas utilities. Today, what they started is now the world's largest rural natural gas distribution system. We are proud to release our video documentary, "Federation: A Story of Gas Co-ops: celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.



 Moving Ahead

Back in 1986, our gas co-ops had already been able to reach most of rural Alberta with natural gas utility pipelines. Just over two decades had gone by since the first gas co-op and this video shows how much Albertans had already benefitted from having a rural natural gas distribution system. This is the story of the Farmer's Gas Company: The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.


For shorter clips of this video, see the YouTube Video Feed below or see our YouTube Channel.

 Proud Past...Promising Future 

Rural Albertans are unique when it comes to their utilities. Whether it is natural gas, electricity, or even water, many rural Albertans get their services from community-owned utilities - either co-operatives or municipalities. In every case, the story was the same: investor-owned utilities saw no reason to invest in rural areas, so communities banded together to build it for themselves. Alberta Rural Utilities Association (ARUA) was an attempt to bring the three major rural co-operative utility associations (Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd., Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations, and Alberta Federation of Rural Water Co-operatives) and other rural organizations under one label to speak on common concerns. While ARUA no longer meets, the three Federation continue to work side-by-side on common goals.


 For shorter clips of this video, see the YouTube Video Feed below or see our YouTube Channel.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada