Federation Charity Golf Classic

In 12 years this Golf Classic has raised over $300,000 for the MS Society!



The Federation Charity Golf Classic is an annual event
held in partnership with the
Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Assocations (AFREA), raising funds for the 
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Canada,
Alberta and Northwest Territories Division



HUGE Thanks to all our Golfers and Sponsors of our 12th Annual Federation Charity Golf Classic in August 2018! Their combined efforts allowed us to raise $23,000 for the MS Society of Canada, Alberta and Northwest Territories Division. They raised $20,000 before the Golf Tournament, and then added another $3,000 at our post-golf banquet! Amazing! Over 12 years, we have now raised OVER $300,000!!!

Thanks to the generous funding from the Federation Charity Golf Classic, the MS Society has been able to establish and sustain critical supports for individuals living with the realities of MS across rural Alberta. Recognizing that MS is a complex disease with many uncertainties, it can be especially difficult for those living in rural areas, who can face the challenges of less access to the specialized care and the services available in larger centres. The rural services that the MS Society has been able to establish are designed to support people living with MS and their loved ones, no matter where they live in the province, and are a reminder that no one needs to face MS alone.

Thanks to the Federation Charity Golf Classic, since Summer 2016 the MS Society, Alberta & Northwest Territories Division, was able to provide meaningful support to individuals affected by MS in more than 30 rural communities across the province this past year:

  • 950 Rural Albertans affected by MS were provided information and referral support
  • 84 rural Albertans living with MS received equipment and other funding support toward improving their quality of life and aiding in the managing of their MS symptoms
  • 54 rural Albertans received Advocacy support on issues related to employment, income supports, housing, human rights, healthcare and medication access, and disability insurance issues
  • 18 self help and support groups were held in rural communities throughout Alberta

The following supports are available through the MS Society to individuals affected by MS in more than 30 rural communities across Alberta:

  • Advocacy – one-on-one assistance with addressing system navigation challenges or other barriers for people facing the complexities of MS

  • Education – in-person and webinar options provide updates on the latest MS information, treatments, coping strategies and research developments, not only for people affected by MS but also for their support networks, including the local health-care community

  • Information and Support – including extended hours of access to specially trained MS Navigators via telephone and email

  • Peer Support Program and Self-Help Groups – connecting people affected by MS with others facing similar realities

  • Friendly Visiting Program – connecting people living with MS who reside in a continuing care facility with friendly visitors for increased support, awareness of community resources and decreased social isolation

  • Quality of Life - Equipment Grants – to provide financial assistance for the purchase of equipment that improves quality of life for people living with MS

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Learn more by reading the MS Society’s Alberta and Northwest Territories 2016 - 2017 Rural Impact Report, which provides a detailed look at the activities underway in rural areas.