Achievement Award

Award for rural students entering post-secondary education


The Federation Achievement Award was created to recognize deserving students of members across rural Alberta. Four $1,000 awards are handed out at the Federation Annual General Meeting. 
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  • Children of co-operative members of gas utilities within the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops, as well as, children or landowners who are serviced by gas member towns, villages, counties, or bands.

  • Memberships must have been in place at least one full year.

  • Children of active members of the Provincial Federation Board are NOT eligible.

  • Preference will be given to applicants entering either a field of study which applies to the Natural Gas Industry (e.g. Gas Utility Operators, Gasfitters, Pipefitters, Power Engineering, Heavy Equipment Technician, etc.) or to Rural-based programs.

Acceptable Institutions and Courses:

  • Admission to first year of a degree or diploma or apprenticeship program at any eligible accredited post secondary institute of learning in Alberta listed in the application form. 

Academic Standards

  • Candidates must have completed the course work of the last one (1) year of schooling required for admission to the post secondary institution and must have obtained an academic standing of at least seventy five percent (75%) in core subjects.
  • Applicants not achieving at least this standing will NOT be eligible.