STARS CEO Rescue in the Rockies



STARS CEO Rescue in the Rockies

Our natural gas co-ops are part of Alberta’s rural communities. Not only do we serve over 123,000 rural households and businesses, but those communities are where we work, where we live, where we play. Anything happens in our communities, it hits home with us.

Fortunately, since 1985 STARS Air Ambulance has been that beacon of hope for when our community members need it most. They have flown nearly 40,000 missions, and average eight missions per day across Western Canada. They are that vital lifeline to hospitals for when emergencies happen.

All of our communities have been touched because of the incredible work that STARS has done. To support them, Executive Director Tom Kee has taken on a bold challenge – the STARS CEO Rescue in the Rockies. On June 15, 2018, along with three other Alberta CEOs, Tom will be dropped off by STARS at a remote location in the mountains. The only way to rescue him is by supporting STARS in their fund-raising! Each CEO has a goal of raising $100,000 for STARS. They need your help to be rescued!

STARS has been putting on the CEO Rescue in the Rockies for several years now. Over those years, the community leaders who have needed rescuing have managed to raise $4.8 Million through this unique fund-raising adventure. The funding helps STARS to:

  • provide ongoing specialized emergency medical training for STARS doctors, nurses and paramedics
  • provide critical care training to rural health care providers through STARS’ Mobile Education Unit
  • acquire the latest sophisticated medical equipment inside the helicopter’s intensive care unit environment, and more.

Please, help us support STARS bring the care our communities need when emergencies happen. Help rescue Tom by going to to make your donation now.