Co-operators Member Benefits

As a member of your Federation Gas Utility you have access to special insurance enhancements, programs, and discounts from The Co-operators

The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. is a member owner of The Co-operators.

As one of the largest co-operatives in Canada, The Co-operators, is owned by 47 different co-operatives and credit unions across Canada. Each member owner brings unqiue experiences and talents to the table, allowing The Co-operators to have a better understanding of Canadians and their needs. Member owners are able to have a voice in the ongoing activities of The Co-operators. 

The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd., as a Member-Owner of The Co-operators, has worked together with The Co-operators to bring you access to a special Member Benefits Program. If you are a member/resident of one of our Member Utilities, please consider the exclusive insurance coverages and savings available to you.

As a member of a Federation Gas Utility, you have access to programs like Farm Insurance Enhancement, Travel Insurance, and Home and Auto Insurance Benefits. For more information about these programs click here for a Consumer Member Benefit Brochure or visit The Co-operators website.

Why The Co-operators is right for you.
Commitment to personalized service, together with the most recognized insurance brand in Canada, makes The Co-operators a clear choice for your insurance needs.

Why Choose The Co-operators?
The Co-operators has over 65 years of history as a co-operative. Their focus extends beyond increasing profits and shares values, to a concern for satisfying the needs of their clients, Member-Owners, staff members and communities. We are pleased to provide members/residents of Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. Member Utilities with exclusive coverages and savings including:

  •  Enhanced Home coverage – access to some free and discounted endorsements providing you with more coverage at a reduced cost. For example, Claims Forgiveness for Members. It is a free endorsement automatically added to all eligible home policies and gives you peace of mind knowing in the event you need to make a claim with us, your first claim will have no impact to your premium or insurability.
  • Enhanced Farm coverage – this optional Farm endorsement, only available to members, contains more than 30 different coverages at a nominal cost.
  • Farm and Home member benefits program discount – this discount is made up of two parts, a base rate discount plus an additional one based on the loss experience of your member organization.
  • Assistance for executors/estate trustees: Executor EASE – Members who are looking for assistance in administering an estate have the opportunity to participate in a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a personal trust consultant and select only the services they require, whether the estate is simple or complex. An exclusive offer is available when members hire our partner for estate and trust services.
  • Discounted Travel insurance – a preferred premium rate of 10% less than the regular premium rate will apply.
  • Auto insurance – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Plan service fee waived.

To learn more, contact your local Co-operators Financial Advisor directly and identify yourself as a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.