Gas Quality Incident Report

Incident/Problem Location
Legal Land Description

Description of the Incident/Problem
Was there an outage?

Has the incident/problem been rectified?

How was the unsatisfactory gas condition verified?

(e.g. gas sample, visual inspection, etc.)

Was a sample collected?
If yes, was the sample analyzed?

Was there a release of gas to atmosphere?
If yes, was it reported to the appropriate government body? (e.g. Rural Utilities, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Canadian Energy Regulator (CER))?

Are you submitting a claim for eligible cost reimbursement?

Note: In order to submit a claim,

  • The incident must meet the eligibility requirements set out in the Utility Tap Facility (UTF) Gas Quality Incident Response Procedures. These procedures state that the gas quality incident must have resulted in a loss of service at the UTF.
  • The report must be received within 90 calendar days of the incident.
  • Additional documentation may also be requested such as information and/or drawings pertaining to the tap/meter station design, records or logs of maintenance activities, and pictures related to the incident.