Why be Involved?

This is your gas utility, your involvement builds communities.


This Is Your Gas Utility

We truly are your gas utility. Whether the utility is a co-operative, municipally-owned, or First Nations-owned, they all are governed by the local community. That means a lot when your focus is on providing a service to a community: You are not just a customer, You are part of the utility.

We are owned by our neighbours for the betterment of our neighbours. Across Alberta, we have councils and boards made up of community members deciding how to best run their utility so that everyone benefits. Rates are set locally. Service levels are set locally. Construction schedules are set locally. Everything is done with the mindset of what’s best for where you live.

Our people are part of your community. Our utility offices are right in the communities they serve, and our people work, live, and play right at home. They know the value of community because they are as much a part of it as everyone. They want the best for everyone around them because those are the people they see every day in the corner coffee shop and at the grocery store. They know that by providing natural gas, they are helping people, farms and businesses to grow and thrive in rural Alberta.

Very importantly, our gas utilities live by the co-operative principles. We continue to be owned by our neighbours because we believe everyone should have the right to have a say in their own utility. That’s where you can make a difference.

As a member of your local gas utility, your voice is strong. In the case of customers of municipal and First Nations owned gas utilities, you have a voice through your local council. In gas co-ops, each is run by a board of directors elected from the community. Co-ops also hold annual general meetings open to all their local members – a great way to come out, see your neighbours, and learn about what has been happening in your utility. And because all your staff and directors are local, you could also just have a chat at any time with them!

As our gas co-ops are run by a local board of directors, they are always looking for new people interested in joining the board and continuing our 50-year history of serving rural Albertans.  Many of our co-ops even offer benefit and pension plans for board directors. It’s a great way to give something back to your community by helping to ensure the next generations have the same access to heating that our pioneers envisioned for us.

If you are interested in learning more about your local gas utility, its board or council, and when it holds its Annual General Meeting, please go to Members Directory & Map to find the contact information for the Federation gas utility in your area.