Natural Gas Supply Trailers


As natural gas utilities we recognize that natural gas outages do occur for various reasons. In order to mitigate this the Federation, Gas Alberta Inc., and the Alberta Goverment, partnered to purchase 4 natural gas supply trailers. These are not only available to Federation Member Utilities but also to Third Party Organizations if required. 

Each natural gas supply trailer is capable of delivering up to 30 GJs of compressed natural gas (3500 PSI) for scheduled or emergency natural gas outages. The trailer can regulate the natural gas down to the required pressure.

These trailers are located across Alberta at the following Federation Utilities: Bow River Gas Co-op Ltd. (Vulcan), Smoky Lake County (Smoky Lake), and North Peace Gas Co-op Ltd. (Fairview)

If you require a natural gas supply trailer or have any questions, please contact the Federation Utility directly.

  • Bow River Gas Co-op Ltd. (Vulcan) - 403-654-2233
  • Smoky Lake County (Smoky Lake) - 780-656-3037
  • North Peace Gas Co-op Ltd. (Fairview) - 780-835-5444