Co-operative Works

Federation and our Member Utilities contribute greatly to charities and community events throughout Alberta.


$113,900 to Kids Hospitals in Alberta!!!




Alberta’s kids gained from five decades of the gas co-op movement!

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration in 2014, our utilities gave back through a special fund-raiser for both the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. Dubbed FedGas 50th For Kids, it also marked the first time that both Children’s Hospital Foundations partnered on the same fund-raiser!

It was a great fit because in all our communities, kids are the centre. Kids are what brings a community to life, and when a community loses that spirit you feel the difference. We wanted to keep that spirit and make sure that our kids have the help they need when they need it.

Our utilities, partners, and individuals responded in droves. By the end of our 50th anniversary year, we were able to present over $114,000 to the two Children’s Hospital Foundations! Each Foundation received half the total.

With thanks to everyone that participated, sick kids in this province will continue to have the excellent care when they need it most, and give them the fighting chance they need to return to their communities!

 Red Cross Donation

The Fort McMurray wildfire was a shock to all Albertans. Never before had we seen evacuations on such a massive scale, with an entire city needing to find temporary homes. 88,000 people had to flee, and 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed. Albertans opened up to make sure every evacuee was comforted and found a place to stay.

The Canadian Red Cross was at the forefront of organizing the effort to help evacuees in their time of need, and to help them eventually return home. For weeks, the Red Cross building in Edmonton was jampacked with both volunteers and evacuees.

Our Member Utilities were touched by the incredible efforts of the Red Cross and Albertans to respond to the crisis. Our utilities banded together under a common cause to help raise funds for the Canadian Red Cross 2016 Alberta Fires Response. In less than a month, our utilities raised $50,000 for the Red Cross effort!

It was just one part of an incredible show of support from everyone. To date, the Canadian Red Cross has raised over $189 Million from donations, and received $104 Million from the Government of Canada and $30 Million from the Government of Alberta.

 Learn to Curl

Curling is part of the fabric of Alberta’s rural communities. To help encourage excitement for the sport, and the development of healthy and active lifestyles, the Federation has been helping the next generation Learn to Curl.

In partnership with two-time national champion Heather Nedohin, our Learn to Curl events have brought a world-class experience in curling directly to rural students. Since 2016, we have staged Learn to Curl events at various curling clubs across Alberta. Students from the surrounding communities were given the chance to learn about the sport from Nedohin. For many, it is their first chance to learn about curling – and what better way to learn than from one of the most accomplished curlers in the world!

From a short classroom introduction to the sport to actually getting out on the ice, the kids beam with energy and smiles the entire time. The Curling Clubs also benefit from more people in the community looking to spend some time curling, and some new junior leagues have been helped by the Learn to Curl clinics happening to come to their hometown!

Kids with Cancer


For the past four years, Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op Ltd. has been improving the lives of kids in need through their support of the Kids with Cancer Society.

Four years ago, they began a yearly Charity Golf Tournament for the Society, and have managed to raise over $7,200. They do it because the co-op believes in what the Kids with Cancer Society embodies. It is a key component in providing support to children and families going through one of the most difficult times.

The Kids With Cancer Society is an Alberta-based charity serving children with cancer and their families across Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Their mission is to assist children facing cancer, and their families, to better navigate their journey from diagnosis through cure, regardless of how long that might take. They offer family counselling, financial support, and a wide range of programs and services from classroom awareness for the child’s peers, to bedside education and camp participation.