Click Before You Dig

Whether planting a tree or building a barn, always practice Safe Digging. Even a small hit on a buried natural gas line could result in property damage, serious injury, or death. You may be responsible for these costs.

Natural gas lines may be much shallower than you think. Over time, soil moves or erodes, so what you thought was three feet below may now just be a few inches below the surface. Gas lines are very easy to puncture. Most pipelines going to homes and business today are made out of a durable plastic called polyethelene. While great for transporting gas, they don’t fare so well against digging machinery

Stay Safe with these simple steps:

  • Click Before You Dig: This is a FREE service for homeowners and most businesses. Request the location of underground utilities by simply going to at least two working days prior to digging. The location of your underground utilities will be marked by flags or temporary paint. In the case of natural gas, yellow flags or paint is used.
  • Other ways of submitting a locate request: Call 1-800-242-3447
  • Download the Dig Info AB app for Apple or Android
  • Plan your dig site: Locate markings only show the approximate location of buried utilities. Avoid digging within 1 metre of either side if possible.
  • Manually Expose the Line: If you have to dig near a buried utility, do it by hand. With a shovel, carefully and gradually expose the line. Once exposed, remove the nearby soil with your hands.