Gas Utility Operator Training

Gas Utility Operator Training (GUO)

Gas utility operators install and service gas utility pipeline systems which transport natural gas from its source to the end user. The course is delivered at the Federation Centre in Edmonton with a portion at the Enform facility in Nisku and the NAIT Patricia Campus and home study.

To complete training for certification, candidates must complete on the job work experience followed by Level 2 training. Upon completion of Level 2 experience and technical training, candidates are eligible to write the Apprenticeship certification examination.

The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Gas Utility Operator Program Course outline follows the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Gas Utility Operator Competency Profile.

Course Content:

In the course content, all modules are listed in order (1 - 5) and each has the following sections:

• Rationale – This outlines the subject of the module and the rationale behind it.

• Required Supporting Materials – If there are supplemental required materials, information on where the materials can be acquired is listed.

• Learning Outcome and Summary of Objectives – summarizes the subjects covered.

• Objectives with theoretical content is provided.

• Summary – Summarizes what you learned in the module.

• Post Self-Assessment – The module quiz – tests your theoretical knowledge of the entire Moodle module.

Practical Application Activity – These are exercises and/or questions that review the module material which will be completed at the Federation. If you can answer these questions easily or without looking back at the material, you should have a strong grasp of the course outcomes and are ready to write your Apprenticeship examination.

If you have any questions relating to the course, please contact the Fedgas Instructor through Moodle Messenger or email

Completion of the online course work and assessments in the modules is required prior to attending the 3 week practical training at Fedgas. Module assessments will be tabulated and weighted as 10% of your final Fedgas grade.

Your final Fedgas examination will occur at the end of the practical training component. These are closed-book, supervised, and print based exams. Your Provincial certification examination will occur upon successful completion of the Level 2 training.

The 2021 GUO Level 1 will be held from January 11 to 29, 2021. Level One includes 6 weeks of home study (prior to practical training) using Moodle on-line format commencing November 19, 2020. 

The tuition cost for GUO Level 1: Members - $3300 + GST and Non-Members - $3500 + GST

The 2021 GUO Level 2 will be held from April 20 to May 7, 2021. Level Two includes 10 weeks of home study (prior to practical training) using Moodle on-line format commencing February 8, 2021. 

The tuition cost for GUO Level 2: Members - $3500 + GST and Non-Members - $3700 + GST

All training courses at the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-op are for members only. Non-Members would be considered if a training course does not reach full capacity.

Please contact Dawn McWhirter at for more information.