The Rural Utility Billing Information Systems is a co-operative billing system owned and managed by its users. It was specifically designed for municipal and
co-operative natural gas systems.

In 1998 the Government privatized the Rural Utility Billing Program. A users group was set up and the Federation was asked to oversee the operations of the group. The Rural Utility Billing program is set-up as a user-pay service with the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops for those who wish to use it. Currently Rural Utility Billing does the billing for 7 in-house utilities.

Rural Utility Billing uses a powerful versatile program covering all aspects of a typical billing program. It is based on Windows technology and uses an Oracle Database. It allows for both fixed and variable rates. It also allows for seasonal billing, equal payment billing and can generate final bills throughout the month. Centralized users have access to web-reporting capabilities that allow for the downloading of a bill register and other reports as well as "read-only" web access.
One full-time staff member is responsible for data entry duties and payment reconcilliation.

See the Brochure for more program information.

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